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Rooftops Unlimited is a roofing company that has been active for over 24 years and strives to provide exemplary results with the premium materials of metal roofing. Metal roofing is a largely popular form of roofing due to its strength and long-lasting abilities. There are different kinds of metal materials made available for roofing and our team is here to help you select your materials for your metal roof installation in Peachtree City, GA. To learn more about metal roofs, give us a call at 770-415-2070 today.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are many different types of metal that can be implemented for roofs and each will have different strengths and benefits that can be ideal for the climate that you reside in. Take, for instance, copper or aluminum roofing which doesn’t rust and can be ideal for moisture-heavy places. What metal roofing does have in common across the field is exceptional durability and protection against the elements. They are hard to puncture and don’t crack which makes them great in holding up against flying debris from harsh winds. Because of this, they won’t form any roof leaks which can become an issue with a majority of other roofing materials. Metal is also able to expand and contract with daily temperature changes and will reflect harmful UV rays. This means that sun damage is prevented which leads to premature wear with most roofing materials and that your roof will remain cool with stable building temperatures. That’s why metal roofing is considered to be a cool roofing system and will be a great addition in keeping energy use stable. Not only will temperatures be more manageable your HVAC won’t work as hard so monthly energy bills are lowered overall. With proper conditions, metal roofing is able to last for decades with 50-plus year roof life which makes it an ideal choice for long-term roofing performance.

Types of Metal Roofing

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a roofing style that consists of metal panels. Flat surfaces are separated with vertical or trapezoidal legs otherwise known as standing seams. These seams are snap-locked and airtight and watertight. Since the panels are attached to the roof deck with claims they will be free from and other fasteners or nails which would have moisture seep through. Standing seam metal roofing comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and gauges which can be customized to fit with your roofing needs or specifications.

As far as maintenance, metal roofing won’t need to have too much as they do a great job of protecting against punctures and leaks. As long as your attic is properly ventilated and the roof has been installed correctly a majority of roofing issues can be avoided. Under ideal conditions, you can expect to have your standing seam roof last for over 50 years. If your roof does run into any issues, a qualified roofing company will be able to match panels and materials to seamlessly integrate into your roofing system.

Metal Roof Repair

If you’re seeing that there are issues with your metal roof it’s important to have it inspected by a trained and certified roofer in order to have problems fixed. Through an inspection, all areas that need to be addressed will be found and we will provide an official report of the conditions of your roof. A roof inspection is not only essential for finding out the condition of your roof, but it will also back up any roof damage insurance claims if they need to be made. Our team will be able to guide you through your claims with our roof insurance claims help so that you can anticipate a smoother insurance claims process.

We’re here to speak with you at any time regarding your roofing concerns or goals. Simply contact our team today about your metal roof installation in Peachtree City, GA  and get the assistance you need from an expert metal roofing contractor.

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